How to Access Lab Caches GPX File


This handy trick will allow you to download a GPX file of any current and past Lab Caches.

Access the Lab Caches website at and Log In

Next to your user name, select the arrow and select View Logs.

This page will show all of the Lab Caches you have found.

Select the Event you wish to download the GPX file for ie. QLD Mega 2015 Stanthorpe

This will open up a page that will list all of the caches in this adventure.

The URL of this page will be something similar to...

To get the GPX file, change Details to DetailsAsGPX so that the URL looks like this...

Select Enter. This will begin the download of the GPX file of this adventure. You can then load this file onto your GPS or into GSAK.

GSAK Sessions

The GSAK Session slides hosted by Pprime (P`) and Crew 153 are now available from here: and

Newsletter #6 has just been released!

Newsletter #6 has just been released!

Check it out here!!

Merchandise Announcement

 Pathtag Trading Sets

It is with great excitement we can now confirm the designs of the Pathtag Trading Sets!!!!

Remember, each one you order is a set of 5 identical pathtags for you to swap with others at the event to get the full set.
There will be 5 different pathatgs in total for you to swap to get a complete set.
The sets will be available for pick-up with your registration packs at the event.
Limited Stock of 250 sets!

To order your Pathtag Trading Set today, order them from HERE.

 Official QLD Mega Polo Shirts

3 x Colours including Navy, Light Blue and Maroon.

101geo is the exclusive provider of all of the QLD Mega 2015 Stanthorpe Merchandise. They are producing a selection of clothing and other branded items for the event at Stanthorpe. All of the clothing has been sourced from local suppliers and is of the highest quality. Each item of clothing features the QLD Mega logo, including Stan, the mascot!

Check out the 101geo store to place your order!

Mega Status Announcement

  Have you registered for the QLD Mega 2015 Stanthorpe?   

On November 1st 2014, the QLD Mega Committee was proud to announce that we had attained official "MEGA" status from

Don't forget to pay for your event registration prior to December 31st, to secure the event merchandise. Orders placed after this date will NOT be guaranteed the Event Merchandise.

Check out to purchase your Registration, Camp Site, Official Pathtag Trading Set, and check out the donated Merchandise on offer.

Be sure to log your "Will Attend" on the Mega Event Page here for each of your accounts that will be coming to the event.

Pathtags Tag Back

If you have been thinking about designing a Pathtag, you can now choose an official Queensland Mega 2015 Tag Back! It is the first and only tag back to be maroon and features an iconic apple. We would love to see these backs on your pathtags and see what creativity you have! From 'Give Backs cost a little extra, but that extra money goes to the organisation or charity featured on that back. It's a great way to show your style and support your favourite group or cause.' Check them out here

Event Published and Registrations Open!

It is with great excitement we can announce that the listing is now live!!! Head over and check out and log your Will Attend now.

We have also opened up the Register Now page on the website where you can order your Registration, Camp Site and Merchandise.

QLD Mega Planning Day 2

The second Queensland Geocaching Mega Event Planning Day was held on Sunday February 9th, at the Mt Cootha Botanic Gardens ( and the day was full of updates from the planning committee, and many ideas offered up from everyone that attended. There were delicious snags on the BBQ, and a great day was had by all. The committee wants to thank everyone for attending, and a few notes from the planning day are below:

  • Congratulations to IolantheK for naming the logo "Stan" and winning a $50 BCF Gift Voucher.
  • Thank you to everyone who submitted an Expression of Interest (EOI). We successfully reached over 500 people with an EOI.
  • The event will be published in April 2014.
  • Due to Groundspeak Guideline changes in 2013, are are required to list the event as a 'regular event' and once 500 people have registered, the event will be automatically upgraded to a Mega Event.
  • Camping will be available either side of the event directly with the showgrounds. We will be able to provide details on this closer to the event.
  • Dogs will be allowed at the showgrounds, as long as the owner picks up after them.
  • We have had plenty of offers for volunteers, and we will be publishing a Volunteers form when the event is published.
  • The event pricing will be on par with previous Mega Events including South Australia's in 2014.

There were also plenty of ideas raised by the group, and below are a few:

  • An information pack for 'muggles' including how to find a geocache.
  • First Aid will be available on site.
  • A bookmark list of geocache's recommended by 'Stan'
  • 4G coverage is available in town and at the showgrounds. Some of the powertrails do not have complete coverage, so reference points will be provided for emergency situations where coverage has been confirmed (not guaranteed though)

A special thank you to youngoldfella for a very generous donation of trackables, pathtags and geocoins worth over $1,000. We truly thank youngoldfella for this very generous gift.

To everyone else that attended, we thank you for your support of this event. Keep an eye out for the published event  

Logo Name Announcement

We would like to thank everyone for your suggestions for a name for our mascot. There were many thoughtful, witty and funny submissions. We are thrilled to announce that the name we have chosen is:


As well as being clever, it was also the most suggested name. The first to suggest it was Heather Kingsley (IolantheK).

Name the Logo

Ladies and gents! Our much awaited, official logo of the Queensland Geocaching Mega Event has arrived.. and isn't he handsome! Share this image with your friends as we are now holding a naming contest for him (or is it a she?). Send us what you think it should be named via our Facebook page with a comment or message or to 'This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.' and the committee will choose the best. There will be a prize for the cacher who submits the winning name - so make it a ripper!

(The committees decision is final and suggestions must come from a cacher who has submitted an EOI)


Platinum Sponsorship Announcement

Congratulations to our first Sponsor for the event, Girraween Environmental Lodge. They have joined us as a Platinum Sponsor, and offer truly unique and magnificent accommodation in the Granite Belt.

Girraween Environmental Lodge has ten architect designed bush Chalets set on four hundred acres of natural bushland surrounded by Girraween National Park.

Experience the tranquility of the Australian bush in one of our spacious self-contained luxury cabins. Made from recycled timber, with king size beds, double spa baths, wood heaters, self-contained kitchens, DVD players and so much more.

There are gentle walks and more adventurous walks. Close by are a multitude of award-winning wineries and restaurants that will ensure you experience the unique flavours of the region. Make Girraween Environmental Lodge your base to explore the district. Email Us to enquire about bookings or phone 07 4684 5138

Keep Your Eye's Peeled

Yes! We are still alive and working away!

Recent days have seen some vast leaps and bounds forward in our planning and preparation.
Be assured there are some huge announcements coming soon :)

Aus MEGA 2015 Planning Day

We have had overwhelming positive feedback from everyone, and we are looking forward to catching up with new and old faces so that we can share our plans, and receive all of your thoughts and ideas at a public event. The event can be found here, and don't forget to log your Will Attend

Look forward to seeing you all there,

Mega Planning Team.

Public Feedback and Ideas

Planning a MEGA event is a lot of work, and the committee would really appreciate any feedback or ideas you may have.

We kindly request that all feedback and suggestions please be made to the planning team via the Contact Us page.

We will however be hosting public Geocaching Events to discuss our plans and ideas and to seek your input as much as possible. Keep an eye out for more details via the Announcements page.


Mega Planning Committee


It is with great excitement that we can announce that Stanthorpe, Queensland will be playing host to its first Geocaching MEGA Event in 2015!

We have now published the Listing (GC4X31B), and the Registrations, Camp Site and Merchandise are now listed on our website!

This website will be the main point of communication, and we hope to be able to provide many more details as they become available.

Also head over to our Facebook page to stay informed.

Please regularly check back in to the Announcements page for updates on the Geocaching MEGA event planning.

If you have any suggestions or ideas which are not already covered on the website, please click the Contact Us link and send as your ideas.


Queensland Mega Planning Team

Gary (Gaz'n'Kab), Kab (Gaz'n'Kab), Geoff (Fangsoki), Thomas (Captain Terror), Ian (Team Robins), Chris (Team Robins) and Annette (Net88)

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