It is with great excitement that we can announce that Stanthorpe, Queensland will be playing host to its first Geocaching MEGA Event in 2015!

We have now published the Geocaching.com Listing (GC4X31B), and the Registrations, Camp Site and Merchandise are now listed on our website!

This website will be the main point of communication, and we hope to be able to provide many more details as they become available.

Also head over to our Facebook page to stay informed.

Please regularly check back in to the Announcements page for updates on the Geocaching MEGA event planning.

If you have any suggestions or ideas which are not already covered on the website, please click the Contact Us link and send as your ideas.


Queensland Mega Planning Team

Gary (Gaz'n'Kab), Kab (Gaz'n'Kab), Geoff (Fangsoki), Thomas (Captain Terror), Ian (Team Robins), Chris (Team Robins) and Annette (Net88)

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