Merchandise Announcement

 Pathtag Trading Sets

It is with great excitement we can now confirm the designs of the Pathtag Trading Sets!!!!

Remember, each one you order is a set of 5 identical pathtags for you to swap with others at the event to get the full set.
There will be 5 different pathatgs in total for you to swap to get a complete set.
The sets will be available for pick-up with your registration packs at the event.
Limited Stock of 250 sets!

To order your Pathtag Trading Set today, order them from HERE.

 Official QLD Mega Polo Shirts

3 x Colours including Navy, Light Blue and Maroon.

101geo is the exclusive provider of all of the QLD Mega 2015 Stanthorpe Merchandise. They are producing a selection of clothing and other branded items for the event at Stanthorpe. All of the clothing has been sourced from local suppliers and is of the highest quality. Each item of clothing features the QLD Mega logo, including Stan, the mascot!

Check out the 101geo store to place your order!

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2014 Merchandise Announcement - Queensland Geocaching Mega Event 2015.